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  • Road leading to a full blown trade war ( 3rd July 2018 ) - “If it really does get to be a big war, we have many more bullets than any of these other countries…” These bellicose words from US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross are a feature of the US’ approach to trade disputes with friends and foes alike. Divisions and sudden about turns are also features, causing confusion […]
  • Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and the single market ( 23rd October 2017 ) - At this year’s Labour Conference a row was sparked with accusations from Labour’s right-wing, and their media allies, that debate on Brexit was stifled. The reality, sketched out by Alex Nunns in a Red Pepper article, was there was a full debate and an indirect vote in the form of the arcane sounding ‘reference back’ […]
  • North Korea: Fire and Fury ( 26th September 2017 ) - They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.. This thinly veiled threat of nuclear annihilation from Donald Trump was the latest round in the trading of insults between the US and North Korean regime. It’s not just mere insults being traded, in their game of one-upmanship the North Koreans […]
  • Venezuela at a crossroads ( 8th August 2017 ) - ..the only thing Venezuela has in abundance is chaos, this is the verdict of most of the mainstream media on the crisis in Venezuela. The home of Chávez’s Bolivarian revolution is beset by violent anti-government protests set against a background of economic problems. Supporters of Chávez and his successor, Maduro, accuse Venezuela’s elites of economic […]
  • Qatar-Gulf crisis: A fallout among thieves ( 18th June 2017 ) - The world was taken by surprise by Saudi Arabia and its allies in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) sudden move to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar and impose an economic blockage. They accused Qatar of supporting Iranian-backed militant groups in the the region and of cultivating a closer relationship with Iran. The conflict is an […]
  • Labour’s ‘local campaigns’, a view from the trenches ( 24th May 2017 ) - Labour’s right-wing and the press have been making dire predictions of a Labour defeat on June 8th. Jeremy Corbyn’s opponents inside the party are getting their blame in early, calling on Corbyn to ‘take the hit’ and resign when, as they assume, Labour loses. Many anti-Corbyn MPs are running ‘local campaigns’, something that is beyond […]
  • US strikes to change geopolitical balance of power ( 11th April 2017 ) - The US carried out an air strike on a Syrian airbase in what they claimed was retaliation for an alleged chemical attack on Khan Sheikhoun, which killed 74 people including 11 children, on April 4th 2017. The strike was carried out ahead of any independent investigation, giving rise to the suspicion that the chemical attack […]
  • Right-wing populism, a socialist answer ( 4th April 2017 ) - The neoliberal consensus of the mainstream political parties that had its roots in the 1980s doctrines of Thatcherism and Reaganomics ended in failure with the financial crash of 2007-2008. Polarisation took the place of this consensus leading to a surge of right-wing populist parties and the rise of left-wing movements. Its impact on the tradition […]
  • France 2017: The next big surprise? ( 12th March 2017 ) - France’s Presidential election set for April 23rd could deliver the next major political surprise with the increasing popularity of Front National’s Marine Le Pen. From the outset most of the political elite were confident that Les Républicains candidate François Fillon would win, only for his campaign to be derailed by revelations of his wife’s ‘fake […]
  • Media demands a new Labour leader ( 2nd March 2017 ) - The media seized on Labour’s by-election loss of Copeland, a seat it had held for eighty years, to vent its hostility towards Jeremy Corbyn and demand his resignation. In blaming Corbyn they provide a fig leaf covering the damage done by Labour’s right-wing’s disastrous attempt to remove him after the EU referendum and their continuing […]
  • Israel: Democracy or tyranny of the majority? ( 21st February 2017 ) - US president Donald Trump and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyanu recent meeting, where they all but agreed to scrap the two state solution, merely formalises Israel’s march towards an apartheidesque state. Defending the Israeli state, supporters praise Israel’s democratic credentials. Freedom House, an NGO part funded by the US, assessed that; “Israel remains the region’s […]
  • EU citizen rights – The Tory leave deception ( 19th February 2017 ) - Promises to EU citizens All the major leave EU organisations during the referendum campaign made promises guaranteeing the rights of EU citizens to continue to reside in the UK. The official Vote Leave campaign was unequivocal in its promise to grant those rights automatically, Leave.EU said it would be “wholly illogical” not to. After the […]

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